A message from our founding director, Emma Menell

I am delighted to announce that, as of August 2019, I will be joining Goodman Gallery UK as a Director based in Cork Street, London, where the gallery will open this Autumn.

This announcement is bittersweet as it is with great sadness that I will be closing Tyburn’s gallery space at the end of June, following four phenomenal years representing some of the most outstanding contemporary artists emerging from Africa and beyond.

Since opening in 2015, Tyburn Gallery has hosted critically acclaimed exhibitions, supported artists representing their countries at the 57th and 58th Venice Biennales, participated at numerous international art fairs, and facilitated the display of work and performances at museums and institutions internationally. The gallery has worked to support the growth of an art infrastructure in Africa with Zimbabwe’s first printing studio opening in Autumn this year.

These achievements were made possible by the dedicated Tyburn team, the outstanding artists with whom we have had the privilege to work, as well as the many loyal collectors and supporters of the gallery.

It is with great excitement that I join Goodman Gallery’s leadership team in London and look forward to working with a roster of top international artists committed to confronting entrenched power structures and championing social justice.

I look forward to keeping in touch at Goodman Gallery and continuing to build on the wonderful relationships established over the past few years.

With all my thanks,


+44 (0)20 3388 0540